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Mediatior Certification

Become a Certified Community Mediator

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Certification Program

Creative Mediation offers a unique training program that combines classroom style learning, group discussion, hands-on practice, and mentoring over a six-month period. Our unique training program allows participants the opportunity to engage in a cycle of learning, applying new skills, debriefing, and receiving feedback — a comprehensive learning experience that enables trainees to maximize their own potential.

Our program is offered in a cohort model twice each year, beginning with the Elements of Mediation in either Spring or Fall. Registration for the Conflict Resolution and Mediation skills Certification program includes tuition for the Elements of Mediation course, the complete Advanced Mediation Seminar Series, monthly Mock Mediation practicum opportunities and individual mentoring opportunities. For a detailed description of certification requirements, contact Creative Mediation at 805.549.0442.

Due to COVID-19 this training format has changed. Please visit our registration page to learn more.

Tuition is $699.00 per person.

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Mediation + Communication Training

The First Step in Your Conflict Resolution Education

Elements of Mediation
Elements of Mediation is a two-day intensive workshop that dives into the basic theory and skills of facilitative mediation. This training covers Creative Mediation’s core curriculum modules – including effective communication, the roots of conflict, mediation facilitation and design, ethics and limits, and negotiation dynamics.

Who should attend?
The two-day Elements course is meant for anyone interested in learning the basic foundations of conflict resolution and mediation skills and theory. Successful participants include working or retired professionals, students, or anyone interested in learning to think like a mediator.

When is this training offered?
The trainings are offered annually in early April and early October.
Tuition is $399.00 per person.

Next training:
March 29 & 30, 2021 – 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
March 31, 2021 – 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (with lunch break)
April 1, 2021 (optional lab) – 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Due to COVID-19 this training format has changed. Please visit our registration page to learn more.

Tuition is $399.00 per person.

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Advanced Mediation Seminars

The Advanced Mediation Seminar series is comprised of six courses and 2 mediation labs offered weekly (3-4 hours each) and is designed as a continuation of the Elements of Mediation training.

Who should attend?
Resolution Practitioners.
Prerequisite: completion of Elements of Mediation
Participants can register for the Advanced Mediation Seminar series individually at $369, or sign up at the same time as the Elements of Mediation training at a discounted tuition rate (save $69).

Topics include:

  • Mastering the Art of Inquiry & Finding Themes in Mediation
  • The Psychology of Conflict: Mindfulness & Adaptability as a Practitioner
  • Negotiation Dynamics & Writing Agreements in Community Mediation
  • The Faces of Community Mediation: Honoring Individuality and Diversity
  • Navigating Challenging Dynamics in Mediation
  • Managing Ineffective Approaches to Conflict
  • Due to COVID-19 this training format has changed. Please visit our registration page to learn more.

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    We offer a variety of customized training and community facilitation services to help local individuals and organizations resolve a range of issues. Our mediation resources and results-oriented approach help clients address unique challenges. In the process, we strive to accomplish the following:​

    • Establish a level of trust and a standard of respect among participants
    • Create ground rules and meeting processes that promote productive discussion and encourage meaningful dialogue
    • Focus on balanced information sharing, not debate
    • Address relevant differences in constructive ways
    • Build upon the common interests of diverse stakeholders
    • Avoid polarization among participants and minimize the risk of a backlash
    • Ease decision-making and inspire ownership and commitment to decisions
    • Develop communication and conflict resolutions skills
    To receive a quote on these services, give us a call at 549-0442 ext. 43.
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