Elements of Mediation

Elements of Mediation

Mediation + Communication Training

Elements of Mediation is a two-day intensive workshop that dives into the basic theory and skills of facilitative mediation. This training covers Creative Mediation’s core curriculum modules – including effective communication, the roots of conflict, mediation facilitation and design, ethics and limits, and negotiation dynamics. The evening prior, we host an informal Meet and Greet gathering at the Wilshire Community Services’ office as an opportunity to meet the trainers, other trainees, and current volunteer mediators.

Who should attend?
The two-day Elements course is meant for anyone interested in learning the basic foundations of conflict resolution and mediation skills and theory. Successful participants include working or retired professionals, students, or anyone interested in learning to think like a mediator. Those wanting certification will move on toward completing the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Certification program

Participants may be considering second career options, community volunteer opportunities, or any number of other challenges that demand the intellect, creativity, and interpersonal skills of mediation.

When is this training offered?

The trainings are offered annually in early April and early October.

Tuition is $399.00 per person. Continental Breakfast and lunch are included.

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Advanced Mediation Seminar Series

Continued Education in Community Mediation

The Advanced Mediation Seminar series is comprised of six courses offered once a month (3-4 hours each) and is designed as a continuation of the Elements of Mediation training.

Who should attend?
The Advanced Mediation Seminar series is meant for both emerging and established Mediators and Conflict Resolution Practitioners.

Prerequisite: completion of Elements of Mediation or equivalent basic training (eligibility to be determined by training staff).

Participants can register for each seminar individually, or sign up for the series of six at a discounted tuition rate. Those interested in becoming a certified community mediator will be registered for the series when they sign up for the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Certification program.

All seminars are held in our offices on the third Wednesday of each month from 12:00pm – 4:00pm.
Topics include:

  • Mastering the Art of Inquiry & Finding Themes in Mediation
  • The Psychology of Conflict: Mindfulness & Adaptability as a Practitioner
  • Negotiation Dynamics & Writing Agreements in Community Mediation
  • The Faces of Community Mediation: Honoring Individuality and Diversity
  • Navigating Challenging Dynamics in Mediation
  • Managing Ineffective Approaches to Conflict

Tuition is $75.00 per session, or $369.00 for the series.

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